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Whether you realize it or not, you already possess an inherent ability to create durable and beautiful designs that look and feel just right.  In this series of videos you’ll learn how to recapture the intuitive, right-brained language of the ancient artisans. Not only will you learn to carry the compass and rule in your hand in the creation of pleasing forms, but also–as Michelangelo once pointed out–you’ll come to carry them in the eye itself.


Building Tools From Truths

Artisan geometry is one of the most powerful truths our ancestors discovered. Historically, apprentices learned these truths by building their own set of layout tools. Each tool was created out of thin air using artisan geometry to bootstrap it into existence. This video series walks you through the steps to build your own kit of essential layout tools. This first offering covers tools that harness the power of straight lines. You’ll build a pocket straight edge, a pair of bench top straight edges, and a pair of winding sticks. Each video is short, just over 15 minutes, and each build can be completed in a few hours. But don’t let that fool you into thinking these tools (or truths) are simplistic. It’s more than making tools, it’s the making of an artisan….. Let’s build together.


Jim Tolpin & George Walker 2018

By Hand and Eye By Design – Designing a Worktable

Five part video covering the design process of a worktable from initial idea to finished design. Aprox 90 minutes.