By Hound & Eye




“By Hound & Eye: A Plain & Easy Guide to Designing Furniture with no Further Trouble”

This is a self study guide, a tour back to first principles, filled with drawing exercises to hone your inner eye as well as offering a boatload of practical layout strategies. Here, for example, you’ll find a quick and elegant way to space narrow slats on a chair back, or how to draw a sweet curve that bristles with just the right amount of energy. We start from a single point   .↶   literally, and progress through lines, planes, solids, and curves. Along the way we explore proportions and patterns found throughout nature and the entire built world through exercises that help you become familiar with the concepts. Armed with just a pair of dividers, a straightedge, and a ball of string, you’ll be able build the Parthenon, a pie cabinet, or some really snazzy patio furniture. It stars Journeyman and his pizza-loving dog, as they untangle the realm of points, segments, arcs and the three-dimensional world using nothing more than a compass, straightedge and pencil.

The 192-page workbook is softcover with a sewn and glued binding for durability. “By Hound & Eye” is published by Lost Art Press and printed in the United States.

The workbook is hand illustrated and hand lettered by Andrea Love and serves as a complementary companion to the hardbound book “By Hand & Eye” also by Walker and Tolpin.  Shipping is included in the price.