Seven Secrets of Cottage by Jim Tolpin – Softcover Book


This soft cover book is a sequel to Jim Tolpin’s best selling book on cottages published about twenty five years ago. While the “New Cottage Home” offered examples of the iconic elements that make a house a cottage, “The Seven Secrets of Cottage” explores why they do so. When you know the “why” of the cottage you’ll have the tools to create a home that delights your eyes, warms your heart and soothes your soul.  103 pages, full color, printed in the USA. This price includes free shipping within the Continental US.  Contact us for wholesale pricing of 12 or more books.



Why are cottages so often surrounded by flowers; why are they so often located near bodies of water; why are their windows diminutive and veiled; and why are doorways reached by winding paths and often set in the shade of a porch or arbor? With this new book, The Seven Secrets of Cottage, Jim Tolpin offers some surprising, hidden-right-before-your-eyes, answers to these and many other “why” questions. Once you learn these secrets you’ll be able to create the home in which you will feel truly at home because you’ll be able to tell it like you feel it—which means you can design it as you feel it. Because when all is said and done, at the end of each and every day, it is through our feelings that we truly experience our homes.

“Of the many books and articles on small buildings available, I’ve never seen one that so clearly explains the underlying philosophy of how to go about building, restoring, landscaping, or redecorating a small dwelling—and the all-important “why.” You’ve hit the nail on the head and I hope a few brave souls will come to better understand what small and cozy really mean.”

–Maynard Bray,  Author