Would it surprise you to learn that an ordinary try square can take you to places far beyond simple rectangular boxes? In fact, learning how to unlock the power of a right angle can unpack a whole new world of design. What if I told you a right angle is key to understanding a wide array of irregular forms chuck full of compound angles?

These forms represent a small fraction of non-rectilinear shapes.
These represent a small fraction of non-rectilinear shapes you can unpack with a square.

Or that you could use the power of a right angle to make patterns to construct complex curves? Angels (and woodworkers) may fear to tread into the land of complex shapes and curves, but armed with some knowledge of geometry and a square, you can step outside of your comfort zone. 

Jim Tolpin has just completed a digital workbook titled Sections and Projections. It teaches you how to unpack and draw complex forms and curves to generate working drawings to put flesh on your ideas. He walks you through the geometry behind a progression of forms. Each new form adds a twist that expands a whole new range of creative possibilities.  Not only will you understand the underlying geometry but you’ll understand how to change and adapt it to your design needs. The material is dense but made understandable by the excellent drawings of Keith Mitchell from Shipwrightskills

If you are serious about taking your designs to a new place, check out Sections and Projections. Note, you can download the Forward and Introduction for free to get a taste for what’s inside along with a set of templates to construct some paper models of complex forms. 

George Walker