By Hand & Eye


200 page full color hardback book by Geo R. Walker and Jim Tolpin

Published by Lost Art Press. Price includes shipping in the United States



By Hand & Eye opens up the world of design to the modern woodworker. It does this not by listing formulas or rules of thumb, but instead introduces you to the world of proportions that was once common knowledge for artisans and artists. It explains how proportions can be used to create harmony or lead the eye or bring a sense of life to a furniture design. This 200 page full color book is divided into two sections. Part one explains the background and theory – the “Eye” part of design. Part two is devoted to practical exercises and walks through nine projects to instill the “Hand” part of design.

The book looks at historical furniture forms to flesh out design concepts but this is not a book about historical furniture design. The concepts covered are timeless, and illustrated through the projects in part two that are contemporary forms.


“By Hand & Eye” is printed on heavy #80-pound matte coated paper. The book is casebound and sewn for durability. The hardback boards are covered in cotton cloth with a black matte stamp. Like all Lost Art Press books, “By Hand & Eye” is produced and printed entirely in the United States. Price includes shipping in the United States.