Generating Polygons


Three simple-to-execute trade methods to create polygons of any number of sides knowing either the length of the facet or the radius of the inscribing circle. A fourth construction offers a quick way to construct an heptagon.



There are a vast number of geometric constructions that allow you to create regular (i.e equal-angle and equal-facet length) polygons. Some are quite straightforward, requiring  but a few steps while nearly all those dealing with five or more sided polygons get quite tedious involving numerous exacting steps.

The “artisan” constructions offered in this PDF are far simpler and each work in the same way to create polygons of any number of sides. The caveat is that they do not generate perfect vertices and therefore form irregular polygons–i.e. approximations. Their products are so close, however, that you cannot see the difference in most drawing and furniture-scale applications. In constructions such as building foundations or landscape layouts, the deviation is a bit more evident. They can, however, easily be “tuned” to near perfect by small adjustments in the step-out procedures.