The Humble Step Stool strikes again (or here’s what woke me up at 4am this morning):

The sequence of ratios embedded in my well-worn step stool project examples are founded on the principle that:

  • Our body’s hand span to foot span is 3:4 (since our height is 6 foot spans or 8 hand spans); the foot span to shoulder span is 2:3; and the hand span to shoulder span is 1:2
  • Which creates the harmonic progression of height (3) to depth (4) to length (6).
  • Which in the step stool is expressed: End view 3:4;  Top view 4:6; and the Face view 3:6  
  • Which gives us the ratios of 3:4 to 2:3 to 1:2
  • Which is the harmonic audible sequence of a fourth, a fifth and an octave.
  • Which also happens to be the fundamental notes of the musical scale
  • All of which means the music of the body can be used to create a built object appropriate for that body.

Which means we can use

have used

will forever use

the music of the spheres

embedded in our own bodies

to create order out of chaos.

Not bad for our humble servant the step stool.


Who knew?

They did:   

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