George and I often get asked which book should be read first and we don’t have a quick answer. Since our research has been a long-time quest, we didn’t write them necessarily in the order a beginner should take them up. We both agree, though, that our most recent “From Truth to Tools” would probably be the one we’d suggest reading first. It will go a long way to help you visualize space with practical knowledge about how our tools fit into the picture. The second pick depends on how you like to learn. We suggest going with  “By Hand & Eye” if you like to know the why as well as the how behind design and proportions. Otherwise, we go with “By Hound & Eye” if you tend to learn more by doing and you just want to get down to it. Whichever way you begin this journey, we can assure you that you’ll come out seeing the world–and your craft–in a whole new way.