FYI:  The chest sold at auction at eBay for $3650.  Maybe I’ll just have to make another one this winter!


I just finished up work on this traditional tool chest that was started by Chris Schwarz during a workshop he taught with us here at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking several years ago. Chris built the box, I (Jim Tolpin) built the lid and interior sliding till and applied the milk paint. All the work done was a product of our hands–no machines involved. A boatbuilder in Vermont, Keith Mitchell, made the lifting beckets of rope and leather. The chest is signed under the lid by Chris and I.

We all donated our time to this project to raise money for the school’s youths-in-woodworking scholarship fund and is posted for auction over at eBay. You can do a search under “joiner’s tool chest” on the eBay site. Here’s a video tour:

Toolchest from Jim Tolpin on Vimeo.